Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Stress and IVF - tightly entwined but can they be separated?

Stress and IVF - tightly entwined but can they be separated?: "In summary: the complexity of our stress responses and potential impact on the delicate aspects of egg production, quality, subsequent embryo development and ultimate chances of conception is still not fully understood. Yet logically the step of reducing stress can only likely benefit outcome. No study has ever shown low stress levels to have a negative impact! The question remains, should all couples having IVF treatment make all efforts to remove unnecessary stressors and potentially be on 'holiday' or is it just for some people that this may have a crucial role in the outcome and chance of pregnancy?

We certainly have seen a better than expected success rate even in couples whose chances are low after two or more failed attempts. The feedback from couples opting for this is always 'how much easier the treatment felt'. Even from the physician perspective it is often remarkable the difference in the 'affect' of the couple on the first day of coming into the clinic - often visibly uptight, to the couple that we see on the day of the embryo transfer.

When asked the patient's link this more relaxed feeling to being removed from work, home and their typical lifestyle - not surprisingly as most of us are more relaxed when on holiday! Many also feel that having time together is a significant plus. Specific use of acupuncture, reflexology and massage are generally met with huge perceived benefits to the state of well being for the patient."

Is this one of the reasons reproductive tourism has become so popular ?

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