Sunday, November 11, 2007

Clinicians - openEHR :: future proof and flexible EHR specifications

Clinicians - openEHR :: future proof and flexible EHR specifications: "Clinicians and their clients are what openEHR is about. The power to create life-long and future-proof health records that support health and health care across the full range of health care environments. By separating the specification of clinical information from the model on which the software operates, clinicians can go on extending their shared information requirements to meet evolving needs. As a clinician you are in the position to present your information requirements to the openEHR community and ensure that the specifications really do allow you to do what you need. These are specified as archetypes - allowing them to be shared across systems implementing the openEHR architecture. You can join the mailing lists as a first step. There are more than 1000 people from 75+ countries already there. The openEHR community is presently building a repository for the web-based authoring of archetypes. This Archetype Library is an early prototype and includes an OWL repository for aiding the documentation of archetypes and helping us find them."

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