Friday, November 02, 2007

Requesting Your Medical Records

Requesting Your Medical Records: " It's a good thing to keep a copy of all your records, particularly when you are dealing with an ongoing condition (but generally as well). Request the records be sent to you if you are switching practices as well and then you can bring copies of the records to each new doctor you see --- you will be better informed and it will cost less too. Some doctors are very strange about not giving you access to your records, they are actually required to do it under the Federal HIPAA law. You have to make a formal written request, and you need to specify both the time period and sometimes even the specific test results/appointments/etc. you are looking for. They have the right to charge you a reasonable fee. Your Rights Under HIPAA: Right to access, inspect, and copy health information Right to request correction or amend health information Right to request accounting of disclosures of health information—who has received it Accessing Your Health Records You have the right to access your health records. "


  1. Anonymous10:41 AM

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