Monday, November 12, 2007

Repairing the Healthcare System

Repairing the Healthcare System: "The consumer must fix the healthcare system. None of the other stakeholders has been successful. In fact, of the last 30 years the healthcare system has been made worse by the insurance industry, government and policy makers. All their systemic changes have failed, because they have, for the most part, been to the advantage of the facilitator stakeholders and not the primary stakeholder, the patient. Facilitator stakeholders’ profits have soared, insurance premiums have skyrocketed while access to care has plummeted. Patients, physicians, hospital systems and the government have adjusted to changes to the detriment of the patient. The facilitator stakeholder adjustments have resulted in further dysfunction in the healthcare system."

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  1. Anonymous5:47 AM

    i agree, we can't leave it up to the insurance companies to make the right decision. it's up to the patients and the government. that's why i'm working to support AARP who are working to make Congress make Medicare available to the people who cannot afford it. you should check out their website at and sign their online petition and make your voice heard! you can also view videos, email Congress, and make donations on the website!



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