Friday, November 23, 2007

Doctors can be harmful to your health !

We all want to remain healthy and well and we expect our doctors to help us to do so. However, this is a big mistake ! While doctors are very good for making you better when you fall sick, they are not good at keeping you healthy. After all, doctors are illness specialists, not wellness specialists ! In fact, most doctors have pretty unhealthy habits themselves ( even though you would expect them to know better !); and I sometimes feel that most doctors would not recognize a well person because they never see one ! ( For example, I am an infertility specialist, and see only infertile patients all day long. I never see fertile women, so though I help infertile women become fertile, I am not really an expert on optimising natural fertility !)

Things were different in the past. In China, doctors were paid as long as the family was healthy. If someone fell sick, payments were stopped until he recovered, because the fact that the person fell ill meant that the doctor was not doing a good job . This was a very sensible approach – and it’s one we should consider revisiting !

Unfortunately, today we seem to have lost our commonsense . We don’t trust our own bodies; and everything has become medicalised . We blindly do what doctors tells us to do – pop a pill; do a scan, run a test – the list is endless !

We need to regain control over our bodies – and the true experts are people like Mr Dalmia . He is great role model, and we can learn from his personal experience . Though he is apologetic that he is not a doctor , in fact I think this is his biggest advantage – he does not see the world through a doctor’s “illness” lens.

We have a rich and ancient heritage . Ayurveda is the Science of Life – not the science of just treating illness. I believe that people are the largest untapped healthcare resource – and if we want to remain in the pink of health, we’d be much better off learning from each other, rather than depending upon doctors.

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