Monday, November 19, 2007

Are Patients Ready for Kiosks? « Patient Centric Healthcare

Are Patients Ready for Kiosks? « Patient Centric Healthcare: "Everyone is moving to self-service. Quicker. Cheaper. Privacy. Automated. Etc. There are lots of benefits. Think about all the information which is needed in healthcare along with all the linked processes. If this can be simplified and some of the burden pushed to patients that is great. Now, this will vary by age and demographic. Typically older people will be more hesitant to use automated technology. Just look at your self-service grocery lines. Additionally, you have to watch interpretation of questions. I will never forget the doctor asking my grandfather if he smoked and him saying yes. I asked for a point of clarification and found out he had smoked 35 years ago. I couldn’t find all the examples, but I have talked with vendors using kiosks for checking in to an office or hospital, providing translation services, helping match basic needs with over-the-counter medications, simplifying basic services (e.g., picking up a refill prescription), or for pushing information to the patient. Kiosks blend challenges with physical design (height, location, screen size) with application challenges (number of screens, simplicity, data entry) with business model challenges (costs, advertising (Y/N), patient utilization). But, done right, I clearly see this as key to the future of healthcare. "

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  1. I agree with Dr. Malpani's views from my firsthand experience of Healthcare Kiosks. We have deployed Healthcare Kiosk at a leading Ophthalmology Hospital in Bangalore, India. Initially, the Kiosk usage was low. However, within a month of the deployment, the usage has gone very high to about 40-70 users using it every day. The profile of these users varies from visually challenged pateints between 10yr to 70yrs of age.

    Time has now come for the Healthcare Kiosks to be extensively used in Hospitals, Polyclinics and Pathology Labs for Self Service applications.

    Nilesh Joshi
    APW President Systems Ltd.
    Mobile: 91 9324177838


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