Friday, November 16, 2007


Self-Management : "In the discussion of patient empowerment, it is worth considering how much care the patient should take on their own shoulders, and when they should turn to their doctor for help. Physicians often do more than would be required if the doctor and the patient was committed to maximum self management. But, on the other hand, it is entirely possible for the patient to do too much, or wait too long, before turning back to the doc for help. So, what's the answer and where's the ideal balance between self-care and 'doctor visit' care In general, it seems proper for patients to take responsibility for educating themselves about their condition, carefully consider questions they would like the physician to answer, and commit themselves to an overall fitness plan. The physician should commit to monitoring their condition, obtaining appropriate laboratory and screening tests at the right time, performing periodic examination, filling and refilling medication prescriptions, and providing recommendations and suggestions about modifications to treatment approaches. But, this is not a clearcut forumula and, I think, the only way to strike a proper balance in defiing the right roles for an empowered patient-doctor relationship is to maintain an open attititude, discuss the issues regularly, and be prepared to adjust roles."

As Gautam Buddha wisely said so many years ago, the True Path means you need to find the right balance !

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