Saturday, November 10, 2007

Health Insurance Business Forum 2007

Health Insurance Business Forum 2007: "AHIP’s Business Forum 2007 is designed to encourage discussions about the products and services that are being heralded to catapult our health care system forward. To keep the conference lively and bold, the speakers are from all areas of the industry—employers, health insurance plans, government, academia, and product vendors. The size of the conference encourages candid debates designed to break through the clutter and sculpt real solutions. For example: * How are employers and health insurers working together to create value in health care? * How can wellness programs increase employee productivity and decrease cost? * Will PHRs help to streamline care and create efficiencies? * How can health insurers streamline their business operations to be more efficient? * How can the industry work together to educate and engage consumers to become more involved in decision-making?"

Smart Indian health insurance companies can learn a lot from their US counterparts !

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  1. Anonymous2:49 AM

    I have had Group Health coverage for years now thru Cobra. Unfortunately I've been paying $160 a month for high deductibles, high copays and absolutely no coverage. Last year I battled cervical cancer and that left me with over $5000 in medical bills. Group Health, of course, doesn't cover any of it. So now I'm left, unable to pay for rent or food because Group Health is so greedy and overwhelmingly corrupt. What am I supposed to do? Neglect myself and not go to the doctor because I can't afford it? Should I have just let the cancer eat away at me and die at an early age? Thanks a lot Group Health, for nothing. Unfortunately almost all insurance companies function this way. Oh yeah, once you pay your $10,000 deductible then we'll cover costs. Like I have that kind of money? Not everyone is rich and priveleged.


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