Friday, November 16, 2007 Smart health cards for govt schools Smart health cards for govt schools: "If one starts caring for their health when young, they will have ample reason to smile later. Dr Anbumani Ramadoss, Union Health Minister, seems to think so and has introduced smart cards for health as a part of a new National school health programme. It is a Diwali gift to schoolchildren from the Union Health Minister. Faced with growing number of childhood diseases including obesity, Dr Ramadoss want schools to provide annual health checks-ups in order to catch them young. ''Smart card will be issued to every child to provide with an overall check up,'' he said. Under the scheme, children, both from private and public schools will receive free check ups. Those found to be ill or those with hearing or vision impairment, will receive free treatment. The scheme will be run with the help of NGOs and the private sector. The minister also wants health to be part of the school curriculum. Talks are on with the Union human resources development ministry. ''The national school health programme is expected to be launched within a year,'' he added."

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