Saturday, December 29, 2018

Why using fresh donor eggs is dangerous

Why do some IVF clinics continue using fresh donor eggs when doing donor egg IVF treatment ?
It's now standard practice all over the world to use only frozen sperm for donor insemination, because we know that fresh sperm carries the hazards of HIV transmission.
Now, this is true for donor eggs as well, yet we continue to use fresh eggs from fresh donors. However this is completely unacceptable, especially when the technology for freezing eggs has become so mature.  When eggs are vitrified, the survival rate is 100% in a good clinic with an experienced embryologist, who has the required expertise.
Just like we quarantine frozen sperm samples, we should make sure that the only eggs which are used  for donor egg IVF are frozen eggs , to prevent the inadvertent transmission of HIV/AIDS through IVF.
Not only are frozen eggs far safer, the pregnancy rate with them is higher. It's much more reliable to use frozen eggs, because we know how many there are , and we can guarantee that we will be able to use at last 10 mature eggs for the recipient.
It's also much easier to match the physical traits of the egg donor and the recipient when we use frozen eggs, because we don't have to worry about synchronising their cycles.
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