Friday, December 28, 2018

IVF mistreatment - fooling IVF patients the Indian way.

It breaks my heart when I see how badly IVF patients in India are treated. Here's a typical path many older women are misled into following by their doctors.
Older women have poor egg quality , and are advised to do IVF. They get poor quality embryos - partly because of their poor ovarian reserve, and partly  because the IVF lab is not very good, which is why they are advised to use donor eggs.
Now, these clinics don't have the expertise to be able to freeze donor eggs, which is they have to depend on fresh egg donors. The problem is that the ovarian response of egg donors can be unpredictable , because this is a biological variable. They often end up having to share the donor eggs between many recipients, which defeats the entire purpose of the exercise !
Many of the recipients end up paying an arm and a leg, but get only a few eggs and poor quality embryos ( as shown in the image above), even though they have opted to use donor eggs. However, beggars can't be choosers, and in India they don't dare to ask their doctor any questions !
Now when the donor egg IVF cycle fails ( because the patient did not have enough donor eggs for her own use), these patients are then pushed into doing surrogacy - sometimes with donor eggs again ! This is very profitable for the IVF clinic, but is the wrong treatment for the patient !
The entire treatment ends up just being a sad parody of what it should have been !
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