Saturday, December 15, 2018

Why a shared risk option can be so valuable for patients who failed an IVF cycle.

Patients do an IVF treatment with lots of hope and expectations .
This is especially true when IVF doctors promise them the moon , and are extremely optimistic when they want them to sign up for treatment.
However, when the cycle fails, their hopes come crashing down.
Not only are they depressed and frustrated, they lose confidence in doctors - especially when the doctor abandons them , and refuses to answer their calls or provide them any information as to why the cycle failed, and what they can do differently next time.
Patients feel cheated and will not trust any other IVF doctor.
This is why a shared risk option can be so valuable , and this is well-worth exploring , because both the patient and the IVF clinic are making a long-term commitment that they will work together until the patient finally gets a baby, because their interests are aligned.
This is something that you should discuss with your IVF doctor , so that you don't continue remaining depressed , and lose your best chance of getting pregnant.
Find a better IVF clinic which has the courage of its convictions and is willing to put their money where their mouth is !
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