Saturday, December 22, 2018

Are you sure your gynecologist is referring you to the best IVF doctor?

Most patients depend on their gynecologist or family doctor or GP to refer them to the right IVF doctor. After all, family physicians are meant to be gatekeepers, and patients expect they will send  them to be best specialist when they need advanced medical treatment.
This was true in the past, but it's no longer a reliable method , today given the fact that cuts, kickbacks, and commissions have become so prevalent in the medical profession.
This means that today it's quite likely that a family doctor will refer you to an IVF clinic, not because it's the best clinic with the highest pregnancy rate , or the one which is right for you because it has the most experience or expertise ,  but simply because he gets the biggest cut or kickback from this IVF clinic.
Because IVF treatment is expensive, this commission can be a huge amount, and he would rather look after his own interests rather than your own .
This is why patients need to do their own homework , rather than blindly depend on their family doctor or gynecologist to refer them to the best possible IVF clinic.
The rule is simple - Buyer beware !
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