Thursday, December 20, 2018

Finding the right IVF doctor

How do you identify a good doctor? A very common question which patients ask us is- How do I find a good IVF doctor .
Many of them cannot come all the way to Mumbai for their treatment , and want a referral to a reliable and trusted local clinic.
We are very reluctant to identify a particular doctor by name , because it's very hard to take responsibility for someone else's professional competence.
I tell them they need to do their own homework , and that it’s not very hard to differentiate between a good doctor and a bad doctor.
You need to create a shortlist, and interview all the doctors. In order to do so , you need to be well-informed about IVF treatment,  so that you can ask intelligent questions. And interviewing one doctor will help you ask the second doctor even better questions !
It’s important to judge how respectful the doctor is. If he makes you wait forever , or if he doesn't bother to answer your questions, this is a red flag.
If he treats you as if you are incapable of understanding anything , or if he makes fun either of your doubts and worries, these are clear signs that he's not a good doctor , because he is not being empathetic.
You should continue looking , until you find the one who is right for you. Yes, this takes time, and does cost money, because you do have to pay for the consultations, but it’s well worth it, because the right IVF doctor can make a world of a difference . This is the strategy you need to follow so you can maximize your chances of getting pregnant in an IVF cycle.
So please be patient, and don’t jump into bed with the closest IVF clinic, or the one your GP has sent you to – he may have a vested interest for doing so, and this clinic may not be your best choice !
You can download the IVF comic book free at
and this will help you find the right doctor!
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