Tuesday, December 04, 2018

How Advice From Experts Can Harm IVF Patients

A IVF patient was just telling me about how the expert advice which she gets has driven her crazy. Interestingly, this is not advice from doctors – it’s advice from all the friends and relatives around her , who keep on telling her what she should be doing in order to get pregnant.
While the uncertainty which surrounds the outcome of an IVF cycle can be nerve-wracking ,  the fact that these busybodies pry into your personal affairs , and offer you gratuitous advice, just makes matter much worse.
They think they are IVF experts, and are happy to tell you what you should do in order to get pregnant after an IVF cycle, based on their extensive experience of what they know about IVF, since their cousin’s friend  , who did an IVF cycle in Delhi and got pregnant , has kindly shared all the gory details with them.
The advice the provide is poor quality , and because it often conflicts with what the doctor says, it causes more confusion than anything else. Sadly, IVF patients are emotionally vulnerable, and don’t know whom to trust !
To add insult to injury, by giving patients bad advice – for example, that they need bed rest after IVF, they compound problems, because they end up blaming the victim in case the cycle fails !
Why depend upon poorly informed friends for IVF advice when I am happy to give this to you free ?
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