Thursday, December 06, 2018

Can you make out this is an IVF pregnancy?

And the answer is - you can't !
The whole point is that an IVF pregnancy is exactly like any other pregnancy !
Just because an embryo spends five days in the IVF laboratory , this doesn't make the pregnancy any different – once it implants, it follows exactly the same course every other pregnancy does.
This is why I'm so unhappy when so many obstetricians do routine Cesarean sections for their IVF patients . They justify this be saying that these are very precious pregnancies. But every pregnancy is precious for its parents, and there's really no reason to medicalize a pregnancy, just because IVF was done.
This is why IVF patients need to find a confident obstetrician , who can reassure you !
You should be happy to be finally pregnant , and you should have the pleasure of experiencing pregnancy and normal childbirth as well, because you're a healthy woman who should be happy that your body works properly.
A good  OB will give you every opportunity to do so, rather than try to medicalize everything, just because you've done IVF !
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