Sunday, December 23, 2018

How cuts, kickbacks, and commissions harm IVF patients

It's a well known fact that most doctors today are on the take, and will take cuts, kickbacks, and commissions for referring patients to a specialist. This is especially true for corporate chains of IVF clinics, which want to maximise thei revenue.
Medical kickbacks are an open secret, and they end up hurting IVF patients like you.
Thus, your family doctor or gynecologist will often refer you to the IVF clinic which gives them the biggest proportion of their fees as a cut or a kickback. They do this in order to maximize their income, rather than to maximise your chances of having a baby.
Ideally, they should send you to the IVF clinic which has the best pregnancy rate, but they will not do so , because the best clinics refuse to give a cut or kickback to gynecologists. This is why they will refuse to send their patients to clinics like ours, because they don’t want to lose the referral commission which other IVF clinics give them.
This means IVF patients end up spending a lot of money , and wasting it by going to clinics which aren't the best, but which provide the highest kickback rates.
Want to come to an IVF clinic which does not give kickbacks ? Come to us !
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