Monday, December 10, 2018

Why is this IVF patient so unhappy?

No, it's not because her pregnancy test has come back negative, because she is still in her 2ww, and hasn't got her result as yet . It's because she's been very disillusioned and disappointed by the quality of medical care which she has received during her IVF treatment.
Her IVF doctor has not shared any information with her - in fact, she hasn't even seen the same doctor twice ! The only time she met the doctor was at the time of the first consultation, when everyone was very sweet, and wanted her to pay her fees, so they could start her treatment as soon as possible . Sadly, they were more interested in collecting her fees, rather than in helping her to have a baby !
During her IVF treatment, every time she went to the clinic, she had to talk to a junior doctor, a nurse, or an assistant , who had no clue about what was happening.  The senior doctor was  always busy – either she was travelling, or was in the OT. She never bothered to return her phone calls, which meant that she was in suspense throughout her cycle. When she asked questions, the standard answer was, "We don't know. We will have to talk to the senior doctor , and she will decide."
She didn’t even know simple basics, such as how many follicles were seen during the ultrasound scans; or how many eggs are collected; or what the quality of her embryos was. Everything was mysterious, and completely opaque.  This just made her  even more anxious and concerned , because she didn’t have any idea what was happening to her.
This is one of the reasons why so many patients refuse to do a second IVF cycle - because they've been so unhappy with the experience they've had with their first IVF cycle.
In order to prevent this tragedy, you need to do your homework, and go to the right clinic , so you have a happy experience. Good clinics routinely share information with their patients; document all their treatment; and provide patients with photos of their embryos as a standard practice.
Please don’t allow an IVF doctor to cheat you – you have too much at stake !
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