Wednesday, December 05, 2018

Is coming to Mumbai safe for IVF patients ?

Lots of out-of-Mumbai patients are reluctant to travel to Mumbai to our clinic for their IVF treatment, even though they know our IVF pregnancy rates are the best in the country.
This is  because they've been told all kinds of horror stories about IVF treatment.
They have been misinformed that they need to visit the clinic everyday; that they need daily ultrasound scans; that they require injections on a daily basis which need to be given at the clinic; they need bed rest after the transfer; and that travel after the embryo transfer is unsafe.
They are also warned that IVF pregnancies need special care, and this can only be provided locally, which is why they are scared to come to Mumbai.
However, none of this  is true at all. These are just myths which are propagated by local IVF clinics in their town , in order to hold onto their patients, and make sure that they don't travel outside the city. This is a shame, because pregnancy rates in these local clinics aren't good, but they don't want to lose their patients.
The fact of the matter is that IVF logistics is very simple. We provide a well-defined  clear treatment plan which is easy to follow. No hospitalization is required, and patients only need to  come to clinic about 4-5 times over a 15 day period.
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