Tuesday, December 11, 2018

False despair can be as harmful as false hope for IVF patients

It can be difficult to treat infertile patients, especially when they have very unrealistic expectations of what medicine can do for them.
This is because their feelings range wildly all the way from one end of the pendulum - false hope, to the other end - false despair.
False hope is the expectation that I'm going to get pregnant if I do IVF ; or that IVF has a 100% success rate .
Patients who do IVF treatment with this false hope will often go to pieces when their cycle fails , because they're not able to build up the courage to try again . Because they had such high (unrealistic) expectations , they cannot deal with the frustration and the unhappiness and the heartbreak this causes.
False despair is the other end of the pendulum , and just because three IVF cycles have failed is no reason to give up ! This doesn't mean that the fourth cycle is going to fail as well – sometimes all you need to do is to find a better doctor !
This is why it's important that patients find the right balance between false hope and false despair – and the best way of doing this is through Information Therapy !
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