Saturday, August 04, 2018

Why the government of India should offer free test tube baby treatment.

The Indian government has a Ministry of Health and Family Welfare, which is supposed to help citizens to plan their families. The government is the largest health care provider, and we pay taxes so that they can provide us with healthcare services.
While the government provides a lot of free family planning ( FP) services, such as contraception , pregnancy termination and tubal ligation, family welfare doesn't just mean limiting the size of the family. It also means helping infertile couples who don't have a baby to have deeply loved babies – these will make great citizens for our country .
This is why the department should offer free IVF treatment in government hospitals for poor patients who can't afford IVF treatment in private hospitals.
This will be good for patients, lots of whom are citizens who pay their taxes. It will also be very good for government hospitals , who can do medical research in this field, to develop new low cost ways and innovative ways of treating infertile Indian patients. Let’s not forget their junior doctors also need training in how to do IVF when they graduate as MD gynecologists, so this is a win win for everyone !

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