Wednesday, August 22, 2018

Patient preferences in IVF treatment

Infertility treatment is always elective, which is why  I try to offer as many treatment options as possible to patients, so they can pick and choose which the right one is for themselves .
For example, patients with unexplained infertility can choose to do either IUI or IVF. Now, when I offer the patient a choice, they get very confused , because they don't know what they should do . They want a doctor who will make the decision for them.
While I'm happy to offer guidance, I don't want to be paternalistic , and I remind them that I'm not a mind reader – I don’t know what your personal preferences are.
The truth is that every treatment has advantages and disadvantages. The advantage of IVF is that it maximizes your chance of getting pregnant quickly , and you also have peace of mind you did your best and didn’t leave any stone unturned.  Thus, if you are older, and if money is not a constraint, then it’s best to go in for IVF , so you can have a baby quickly and move on with your life.
On the other hand , IVF is more expensive, and if finances are a constraint , then it makes sense to consider IUI.  These are decisions which doctors should not be making , and that's why we need to empower patients to make the right choice for themselves.
If they have thought through the pros and cons of both the options, they can make a well informed decision, so they have peace of mind they have done their best.
Please listen to your gut and follow your heart – there are often no wrong answers, and you need to find the answer which is right for you !
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