Friday, August 03, 2018

Why the cost of laparoscopy for infertile couples should be zero

A major problem with infertility treatment is that they can be so expensive.  This is a major limiting factor for infertile patients , who are obviously going to try looking out for the most cost effective doctor.
Thus, they will shop around and try to find out what the cost of a laparoscopy , so they can find the doctor who is cheapest and will do it for the lowest price.
The problem is lots of doctors will do laparoscopies cheaply , but they will not do a good job. Thus, they will not do any video documentation , as a result of which the patient doesn't know what was done. There is no video record of the surgery, so the patient is clueless about what the doctor did; what he found; and how he fixed it. This ignorance can be much more expensive in the long run, because it can mislead the patient !
The good news is that the actual cost of a laparoscopy for infertility treatment should be zero, because most infertile patients don't require a laparoscopy at all in the first place !
Why subject yourself to a surgical procedure , no matter how cheap it is if you don't require it at all? After all, nothing can cost less than zero, can it?
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