Tuesday, August 21, 2018

Calculating cumulative IVF pregnancy rates

Patients find it hard to make sense of success rates after IVF treatment, and while it would be great for everyone if the pregnancy rate was 100%, the sad truth is that it’s not !
This is why patients need to think of IVF success in terms of a cumulative pregnancy rate –  what are your chances of getting pregnant after doing two or three or maybe even four treatment cycles.
This is where the binomial theorem can come in very helpful.
Let’s say your chances of getting pregnant in one cycle is 30% in a particular clinic (assuming they transfer one good quality blastocyst, and the blastocyst implantation rate is 30% in this clinic) . This means your chance of getting pregnant in three cycles is 66% . This is what cumulative conception rate means.
You need to understand the binomial theorem if you want to calculate this. The good news is that a lot of these calculators are easily available online, and if you plug these numbers in, you can determine your chance of getting pregnant after two or three or four cycles.

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