Monday, August 13, 2018

Why do patients do such a bad job of selecting IVF clinics

We all know that all IVF clinics are not created equal , and their success rates can be dramatically different !

And some can be much more expensive than others !

So how is the poor patient to decide who the right IVF doctor is ?

Sadly, a lot of patients naively assume that all doctors provide the same high quality of care , and this is where they make a huge mistake , because they end up wasting a lot of time and money doing their treatments in low cost clinics, just because they are cheap and convenient!

Typically, the doctors in these clinics talk very sweetly , because they want to sign up as many patients as possible. Their focus is on quantity rather than quality , and most of these clinics are like impersonal assembly line factories, which process patients mindlessly, and take pride in how many treatment cycles they perform every month – rather than on how well they take care of their patients !

This can be an extremely expensive mistake , because the pregnancy rates in these clinics is usually very low , which means patients end up wasting all their money and depriving themselves of a chance of having a baby .

This is why it's important that patients need to do their homework so they can be sure the clinic they select is technically competent .

If you end up in the wrong hands, this can be an expensive error , which you may not be able to recover from , and you will end up ruining your chances of you having a baby

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