Friday, August 31, 2018

Experienced IVF patients are the best guide to finding the best IVF doctor

It's often very hard for an IVF  patient to judge the technical competence of her IVF doctor, which is why they are forced to use surrogate markers - for example, the doctor’s bedside manner; or what they've read about the doctor in a newspaper article ; or perhaps in an ad or on a website when making these decisions.
Now, the best way of finding out how good or bad a doctor is, is by asking experienced patients. What does this mean?
This is a patient who's been through multiple IVF cycles at different clinics , because this patient knows a lot about IVF – not only about the medical details of the treatment, but also how each doctor is different , and what makes them better or worse , as compared to another.
Patients  have no ax to grind , and will tell you the truth , and not cover up anything. They understand your perspective, and are usually kind and empathetic.
In the past, you would have had to depend on the peer reviews of doctors , based  on what other doctors said about that doctor. However, these opinions are no longer very reliable,  because few doctors will say bad things about other doctors, because they are professional colleague. And in this day and age, where kickbacks and commissions are rampant, many will lie about the doctor’s skills, because they have a vested interest in referring you to someone who gives them a cut of the IVF fees !
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