Friday, August 10, 2018

How doctors fool patients about the cost of test tube baby treatment.

Because test tube baby treatment is so expensive, patients will often doctor shop and go from clinic to clinic in order to find out who the cheapest clinic is, so that they can afford the treatment .
This is where some unethical clinics will take them for a ride.
They will take out full page ad in a newspaper and advertise an extremely low price to lure patients.
Then, in very small print, they'll say that medications cost extra; or ultrasound scans and lab procedures will need an additional fee.
This means that by the time the patient has completed the treatment cycle , they'll end up paying much more than they budgeted for , and they're obviously very bitter about this.
This is why patients need to demand transparency , and insist that they have an itemized bill of whatever the treatment costs are going to be upfront. What’s included ? What’s not ?
This way there are no unexpected surprises for them , and they don't get sticker shock and complain afterwards !
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