Saturday, August 04, 2018

Free and low cost test tube baby treatment

Reducing the cost of test tube baby treatment in India is a major priority today.
Lots of Indian couples would get pregnant if they could do IVF , but unfortunately they can't afford IVF treatment because it is so expensive.
Unfortunately , IVF today it's only available at private clinics most of whom are profit making organizations , as a result of which they charge a lot of money . Poor patients just can't afford this.
I think this is extremely unfair. It's high time that government hospitals started offering IVF to poor patients. After all they have medical staff and their junior doctors need to be trained in providing IVF.
By setting up low cost IVF units , not only will they be doing a great service to poor patients , they will also be better able to train their MD gynecologists , who will then be much able to start doing IVF once they graduate.
Today, it’s a tragedy that  gynecologists have no idea how to do IVF , because they have never treated any IVF patients during their postgraduate training ! This means their training is completely incomplete – and it’s high time this deplorable state of affairs was corrected.
Even better, these teaching hospitals and medical colleges will be able to develop new low cost ways and innovative ways of treating Indian patients, so they whey can afford to do test tube baby treatment, because it will be available at a fraction of the cost which they are being charged today !

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