Monday, August 13, 2018

The biggest mistake which IVF patients make

The biggest mistake which IVF patients make in India is blindly trusting the IVF doctor

It’s extremely important that you find a doctor you can trust – and it’s equally that you make sure that he earns that trust ! Trust is too important to be gifted to anyone .

Sadly, the government does a poor job of regulating IVF clinics, which means there are many fly by night operators who just want to exploit patients. And it's easy to do this because infertile patients are ignorant and vulnerable.

The trust equation , as defined by David Maister, says that the doctor must prove that he is reliable and credible – and you need to check this before signing up for your treatment.

Is he willing to share information ? Is he upfront , open and transparent ? Or does he make a lot of promises because he wants to sell you on doing IVF treatment at his test tube baby clinic ? Is it a lot of hot air he is promising , or is he respectful , and makes sure that you have realistic expectations about what IVF treatment can offer you ?

Test tube baby treatment is expensive, and you have to be very careful about whom you select for as your IVF doctor.

The single question which all patients should ask their IVF doctors is – Do you do blastocyst transfers routinely ? and do you provide patients of photos of their embryos routinely ?
All good clinics do this routinely – and if you find out that the doctor doesn’t, then this is a red flag, and you should find a better clinic before burning your hard earned money !

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