Friday, August 17, 2018

Test tube baby clinics - quantity over quality

Many IVF doctors take pride in the large number of patients they treat , and they boast about the fact that they do a huge number of cycles every month .
While this may be great for their bragging rights - and their bank balance - this is often not in the patient's best interest , because these clinics are often like assembly line factories , where everyone is treated with exactly the same rigid protocol.
There is very little personalization , and no hands on care , because the doctor is so busy doing one procedure after another , that he really doesn't have the time or the energy to focus on you.
This is extremely unfair on patients , who end up feeling cheated , especially when the cycle fails.
 To add insult to injury, the doctor comes up with all kinds of flimsy excuses and reasons as to why the cycle failed – and to make matters worse, often ends up blaming the patient’s eggs ( and/or sperm and/or uterus) for the failure. He then suggests an even more expensive alternative treatment , such as using donor eggs or donor sperm or surrogacy , so he can make even more money !
He ends up singing a completely different tune after the cycle has failed , and rather than taking responsibility for this , or trying to explain to the patient what could have gone wrong , he washes his hands off, and tries to pin the blame on to the patient .
This is why patients are so unhappy and dissatisfied with the quality of IVF treatment they get in India .
Unfortunately , this is still an unregulated industry , which means patients need to be careful about whom they select for their test tube baby treatment – let the patient beware !
If you want hands on personalized care, you need to spend time and energy on selecting the right clinic ! Just because the clinic is very crowded doesn't necessarily mean it's the right clinic for you – please use your discretion when making such an important decision !
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