Tuesday, August 14, 2018

Test tube baby clinics – judging the quality of the clinic

Because patients are not sophisticated enough to be able to judge the technical competence of an IVF doctor , most of them use other alternatives to decide which doctor to select the best.
This is why a lot of them will go to the busiest doctor , based on the assumption that if the doctor is busy , he must be good ! This is based on the concept of social proof , which is why a lot of follow a herd mentality when making a decision .
The danger is that these clinics are so busy that they are completely impersonal, unless you happen to be a VIP or a celebrity. The doctor doesn't have enough time or energy to spend on you , as a result of which the care you get is not tailored to your needs. The clinic follows a rigid protocol . because they function as an assembly line, which is designed to do an many cycles as possible every month.
This is why patients can't afford to leave everything up to the IVF doctor - especially in India , where there is no government regulation , and the success rates among clinics vary widely .
Sadly, doctors are not very honest about what their clinic’s success rates are, which is why everyone merrily claims a 70 percent success rate - even though this has no bearing with reality ! Because there is no one to check or verify these tall claims , they continue to get away with it , and this is why patients get taken for a ride .
Ironically , even though patients in India aren't really well equipped to be able to differentiate between good doctors and bad doctors , the burden of doing so actually falls disproportionately on their shoulders , because the government has failed in its duty to do this for them !
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