Saturday, September 12, 2009

Why IVF is a lot like gambling

Everyone knows that the outcome of an IVF cycle is often a matter of chance. In this respect, going in for an IVF cycle is very similar to gambling. Let me explain.

Firstly , whether to go in for an IVF treatment cycle , like deciding whether or not to bet at roulette is a decision which is electively made, by choice – it’s never compulsory ; and many couples may prefer to select childfree living or adoption, rather than pursue an IVF cycle.

Secondly, the outcome of both is always uncertain. Just like you can increase the odds of winning the roulette by buying more tickets, you can increase your chances of IVF success by doing more IVF cycles; or transferring more embryos. If you are lucky, you can hit the jackpot after buying just one ticket – but if you aren’t, then even buying lots of tickets may not help !

Thirdly, smart patients, like smart gamblers, know what to do to maximize their chances of winning. Thus, a good poker player will work hard at learning the game and practicing it, so he becomes good at playing it. Similarly, smart infertile couples understand that doing their homework can help them to select the best clinic and opt for the treatment which is right for them.

Finally, the luck element plays a big role in both winning a lottery and in getting pregnant with IVF. Fortunately, the odds of getting pregnant are far higher – but it can still be a crap shoot.

In our clinic, we offer a very useful option to help patients improve their chances of winning considerably ! This is the guaranteed pregnancy option, which helps patients to maximise their chances of success, while reducing their financial burden .

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