Friday, September 18, 2009

Is IVF being overused ?

The simple answer is - Yes !

As an IVF specialist, I am sorry to have to say so, but I think too many IVF clinics offer IVF as a treatment option, when simpler treatments are also likely to be effective.

I am not trying to criticise IVF clinics - I am just trying to protect infertile couples !

While IVF is a great treatment, many couples ( especially those who are young) can often be helped with simpler and much less expensive treatment options. However, just like many gynecologists keep on repeating IUI treatment cycles ( instead of referring the patient for IVF, like they should optimally do), many IVF clinics will do IVF directly , instead of trying IUI first. Doctors can be quite possessive about their patients !

So what is the poor patient to do ? There's a simple answer ! Be well-informed, so you can take the right decision for yourself, and don't get taken for a ride.

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