Monday, September 14, 2009

Modern medicine versus alternative medicine

Many patients are confused as to whether they should try alternative medicine; or stick to conventional ( Western, allopathic) medicine.

I think the best option is to use a sensible blend, depending upon your problem.

Step one would be to go an allopathic physician, so he can make sure you don't have a serious problem. The diagnostic technology Western medicine offers is far superior, and allows you to make sure you are not overlooking a serious illness.

If you do have a serious illness, then I feel Western medicine is better organised to deal with it ( even though the results may not always be good, because doctors cannot always influence the natural history of a disease, which marches on to its outcome, no matter what we may try)

If it's not a serious illness ( for example, back ache; chronic headaches or hypertension) , then I'd suggest you give alternative medicine a try first. Many of these medicines work very well , because many of these chronic problems are lifestyle related - and western medicine unfortunately rarely addresses this aspect !

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