Saturday, September 19, 2009

Doctors as miracle workers

Patients come to doctors with a lot of hope. This is especially true for infertile couples, who are hungering for a baby.

When an infertile couple gets pregnant with IVF after 10 years of infertility, they often treat their doctor as a miracle worker - and feel the doctor is God !

I wish I was a miracle worker - it would make my life so much simpler ! Patients would not even need to come to me - I'd give them as many babies as they wanted at home.

The truth is that while good doctors can do a great job with helping patients, we are still limited by human biology - and a good doctor will try to help the patient to have realistic expectations.

In fact, I worry when patients come to me expecting miracles .This is an unrealistic expectation, and often causes a lot of heartburn and despair, if the cycle fails - as it may do, no matter how good a doctor I am and how skilled my treatment is !

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