Saturday, September 19, 2009

Is the problem with my eggs ? or with the IVF clinic ?

When patients get few eggs or poor quality embryos, their key worry is -

Is the problem with me ? ( Do I have "old eggs" ?)
Or is the problem with the IVF treatment ( Maybe the doctor is not doing a good job with monitoring superovulation or timing the HCG ?)

It's a very valid concern - but most patients are reluctant to discuss their concerns with their doctor. When the outcome is poor, doctors often get defensive. This causes communication to break down, and patients start worrying that the doctor is not being frank and forthright; or is concealing vital information. They get fed up and frustrated, and then decide to try with another IVF clinic.

Unfortunately, most doctors take a perverse pride in badmouthing other doctors; and the new doctor will often criticise the treatment protocol of the old doctor. This ignites new hope in the patient's heart, and she is encouraged to try again with a new clinic. However, if the outcome is bad again ( because the problem was the fact that the patient has poor cytoplasm), then there is even more heartbreak - and patients who have failed multiple IVF cycles at different clinics will often badmouth all IVF treatment

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