Saturday, September 19, 2009

How to identify a good IVF clinic

It can be very hard for patients to differentiate between a good IVF clinic and a bad IVF clinic because they all seem to be the same - and patients are not sophisticated enough to be able to make out which offers a better service.

For example, many IVF clinics will tom-tom they have bought the newest machine and have the latest technology . However, these are often marketing gimmicks to get media publicity - they do not really help the patient or improve success rates in any way. In fact, many of these "high tech wonders" often end up collecting dust in the lab, because they are never used after the first flush of excitement over their novelty value dies down.

A better way of judging how good an IVF clinic is by talking to patients who have failed an IVF cycle there.While successful patients are happy to sing the praises of whichever clinic they went to, if a patient who has failed an IVF cycle still has good things to say about the doctor, this means a lot. This suggests that the patient was treated with consideration - and a clinic which treats patients respectfully will do a good job of providing high quality medical care also !

How many patients are willing to repeat the IVF cycle in the clinic is a good index of how good the clinic is !

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