Thursday, September 24, 2009

The price you pay for not doing IVF

Many patients are very worried about doing IVF. They are scared that they will put on weight; or that the hormones will make them lose hair; or that the treatment will cause them to run out of eggs. In reality, the truth is that IVF treatment when done in a good clinic is very safe; and the medical risk is very low.

In fact, the primary risk with IVF is financial and emotional. IVF does cost a bomb, and if the treatment fails, this leaves quite a financial dent. Similarly, every couple doing IVF is sure in their heart of hearts that the cycle is going to work for them, and if it fails, they are often devastated.

However, there is also a price couples pay for not doing IVF ! This is the regret that by not doing IVF, they did not explore all their treatment options, and thus deprived themselves of a chance of having a baby. It's a general rule that you usually regret the things you did not do - not the things you do. Not doing IVF may mean that you may always be left with the haunting doubt that you did not give yourself the best shot at getting pregnant.

I tell all my patients to take the past of least regret - and while the outcome of any treatment is uncertain, taking IVF treatment at a world-class clinic will give you peace of mind you did your best !

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