Sunday, September 27, 2009

Too much IVF ?

There has been a virtual explosion of IVF clinics in India recently. While this is great news for infertile couples, because they no longer need to travel long distances to take IVF treatment ( which was formerly available only in the metropolises), the tragedy is that this intense competition has led to IVF being done for patients who really don't need it.

Thus, patients who could get pregnant with simpler ( and less expensive treatment, such as IUI) are fast forwarded into doing IVF. This is what I call"treatment creep". Doctors can justify this quite easily, because IVF does have a much higher success rate. Ironically, clinics which do IVF for everyone who comes to them have a much higher success rate ( because many of their patients are young; have "unexplained infertility"; and have an excellent chance of getting pregnant, even without resorting to IVF !

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