Saturday, September 26, 2009

Customer Disservice: Health Care #FAILs again and again « Crossover Healthcare

Customer Disservice: Health Care #FAILs again and again « Crossover Healthcare: "Our health care system is completely devoid of customer service. It is pathetic.

I took my son to have a simple tympanostomy (ear tubes) procedure this morning. I show up, sign in and take my seat amidsts the throngs of people in the surgical center waiting room. I brought my laptop and some reading materials to bunker down for the long wait ahead.

20 minutes later I get called up front to sign some additional paperwork. Instead of being greeted, 15 documents each complete with a full page of legalese is shoved my way regarding various aspects of responsibility, payment, agreement, arbitration, and host of other information. The grumpy lady has clearly done this a thousand times and she has absolutely no tolerance for any of my questions. She parries my first few skillfully, but I don’t let her blunt my questions regarding the finances."

These are problems everyone wants fixed - patients ; nurses; hospitals and doctors as well.If everyone wants to achieve the same goal, it's obvious that we first need to identify the common enemy - the medical insurance companies, who deliberately obfuscate this information, so they can remain profitable - at the expense of both the doctor and the patient !

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