Saturday, September 26, 2009

The e-patient white paper: Seven Preliminary Conclusions |

The e-patient white paper: Seven Preliminary Conclusions | "The authors – mostly doctors, remember – said “Our most helpful insights came from a growing awareness that e-patients use the Internet in three fundamentally different ways:
1. to access content,
2. connect with others,
3. collaborate with others in ways never possible before.

Wake up to the new world of participatory medicine: equip, enable and empower patient participation."

I believe this is true in India as well. The trouble is that the number of e-patients is still very small. However, they are influential , and will catalyse a change in the way healthcare is delivered in India. This is already true in certain communities like Gurgaon, which has a very large number of young affluential Indians who live on the internet - and use the web extensively to help themselves get the best medical care.

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