Friday, September 22, 2006

Will Banks Replace a Healthcare Provider’s Traditional Business Office?

Will Banks Replace a Healthcare Provider’s Traditional Business Office?: "It should come as no surprise that the same financial companies involved with managing a hotel’s front-desk and business office can also be involved with healthcare providers’ billings and collections. "
Lots of doctors now accept credit card payments. This can be logically extended to many more areas , and all financial transactions could be "outsourced" to the banks and credit card companies - after all , this is their core competence ! Doctors and hospitals could focus on providing healthcare and not worrying about collecting their payments.
Credit card companies could consider providing consumers with their personal health record on their smart credit card ; and banks could provide customers a PHR on their smart debit cards ! The smart card would become both a financial instrument, as well as a healthcare utility. And ATMs could be modified so that they could become part of the healthcare network to upload healthcare data !

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