Friday, September 22, 2006

The Health Wisdom Blog™ (by OrganizedWisdom)

The Health Wisdom Blog™ (by OrganizedWisdom): ", the new health-focused social networking site is now open to the public - and we would love your feedback...and your wisdom! In addition to providing the very best health knowledge from doctors and medical professionals, the backbone of our site is based on this simple premise: by organizing the collective wisdom from millions of people we can provide everyone with the very best health information available. To accomplish this mission, we have developed a system to make it easy for anyone to search and share health information on nearly any health condition, treatment, medical test, medication, or alternative medicine. By sharing your personal experiences with health issues, medications, treatments, doctors, diets, products, and so on you will inspire, provide practical guidance, and potentially save lives."
This is such a clever idea ! It marries information therapy; consumerism ; social networking ; the unsatisfied needs of the healthcare consumer; and our desire to help each other in our times of illness and need - and comes up a winner !

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  1. Anonymous5:50 AM

    Thanks for the post. We have many new features we are working on and we plan to keep making improvements. We especially want to know what features physicians would like to see added to the site, so please let us know. Thanks again for helping spread the word...


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