Monday, September 18, 2006

Patching up cracks that whole patients fall through | Chicago Tribune

Patching up cracks that whole patients fall through | Chicago Tribune: "'I don't think there's a hospital in the country where [communication failures] don't happen,' Berlin said. 'The average physician gets hundreds of X-ray reports a month, sometimes a week. The problem is, in today's busy world, sometimes it is very hard to locate a doctor. It can be very frustrating. We have to do a better job of ensuring communication of abnormal results gets to the patient.' The takeaway lesson for the public, Berlin said, is that no news is not necessarily good news. Don't assume if your doctor doesn't call you with lab results that everything is fine. 'The real duty lies with the physician, but the intelligent patient leaves no stone unturned.' "
If patients had their own PHR to which their imaging scans could be uploaded ( after being verified by their doctor) , this would make life much more efficient - for patients and doctors !

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