Wednesday, September 20, 2006

The Connected Patient --

September The Connected Patient -- "Musings about the impact of online patient services

“If the patient wants to communicate online with their physician, and the physician chooses not to do so, I would expect the patient to go to another physician.”

—John Butler, M.D., assistant medical director, informatics, HealthPartners

“This is a better way to practice medicine.”

—Ted Eytan, M.D., medical director of health informatics and Web services, Group Health Cooperative

“It is more convenient for physicians to respond to secure messages than a barrage of phone calls that interrupt them.”

—Ernie Hood, CIO, Group Health Cooperative

“If a patient’s labs are abnormal, I will message them to come in and see me. You don’t want to give a diabetes diagnosis by e-mail.”

—Beth Averback, M.D., associate medical director for care improvement, HealthPartners Medical Group

“We are a complicated health system. Just getting through a simple phone call to a physician can be hard. So we look where our pain is and try to fix it with technology.”

—Pam Landis, director of Web services, Henry Ford Health System

“In the near future, you will need a patient portal to survive. It will become a baseline expectation for how patients select their doctors. You can either lead this or chase this. I would rather be leading it.”

—Kevin Palattao, vice president of patient care systems, HealthPartners"

Smart doctors know that the best way to lead is to find out where your patients want to go, and then to take them there ! Early adopters will have an edge which they can capitalise on !

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