Saturday, September 30, 2006

LifeKey - A Universal Portable Electronic Health Record

LifeKey - A Universal Portable Electronic Health Record: "Simply put, LifeKey is a medical device that will allow you to carry your entire medical history with you on your keychain, in your purse, in your wallet or in your pocket. Your medical records are stored in PDF format (the most universally accepted format in the world) and labeled by the type of visit that created the file. For example, if you are a heart patient, all of your EKGs would be in one section and each other type of document would be in a specific section. Once these documents are labeled, they are stored on a “USB Flash Drive” and sent to your home. You now have your LifeKey and can be sure that, in an emergency and non emergency situation, the physician(s) that are treating you are completely informed of all of the specifics of your medical condition.LifeKey is the only product that not only stores your records in PDF format, but also uses a patent pending technology to scan, label, save and write that information to the USB Drive. This process is what makes LifeKey the first truly universal electronic health record that is also portable."
Clever idea !

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