Friday, September 22, 2006

Instant gratification - thanks to the internet !

In the past, ordering a cross-stitch pattern from the US or Scandinavia was hard work, and took 2-3 months. After selecting the pattern on the website, we would need to email them; they would need to send an invoice; which we would need to take to the bank; get a check in US dollars; and then post them a check; after which they would snail mail the pattern to us.
This time is just took a few hours. Since golden kite was not responding to emails, and their website did not list their phone numbers, I looked up Marcus's phone number in the online Swedish white pages telephone directory and called him up; explained the urgency to him; and emailed him my photo ( which was digital). He created the pattern which I approved; and then I sent him the payment through PayPal ( they don't accept credit cards yet). I got my confirmation, and he will courier the pattern to me today !

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