Thursday, August 10, 2006

ICU Information Guide

ICU Information Guide: "How to get information from doctors and other medical professionals. When a patient is in an ICU, family members and friends will all want and need information. However the medical team caring for the patient must spend their time providing the best treatment for the patient. It is important that the family select a spokesman to liaison with the medical team. The family spokesman should write down all questions and concerns of the family. In turn, the spokesman should also take notes on the answers he/she receives in order to pass them on to family members. It is important to remember the recovery process involves a number of specialists who work as a team and information should be sought from all team members in order to understand the patient's situation."
The patient-friendly guide to the ICU. They need to add some photos; and also more information of what the patient goes through when in the ICU.

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