Sunday, August 20, 2006

This Site Knows a Cold Isn't a Rock Band - New York Times

This Site Knows a Cold Isn't a Rock Band - New York Times: "Mr. Shell said the company was, in one sense, a resurrection of, a business founded in 1999 with largely the same mandate: to develop a database of original medical content and information published by others, and allow users to search using layman's terms. That company failed to gain a broad following among consumers and, perhaps more notably, advertisers, and it shut down its consumer operations in 2001. When's original investors started to see life again in Internet advertising, they hired Mr. Shell to revive the idea, under the Healthline brand. Mr. Shell said several factors argued in favor of the company's success this time around. First, consumers remain deeply interested in online health information. Pharmaceutical and other medical advertisers, meanwhile, are starting to open their wallets more generously to the Web."
E-healthcare is going to become big once again - especially in developing countries like India, where the demand for reliable health information far outstrips the supply !

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