Monday, August 07, 2006

A Global Push for Web Services in Healthcare Delivery

A Global Push for Web Services in Healthcare Delivery: "Web services address issues of top concern to providers, payors, and patients around the world: high-quality care delivered in a cost-effective and convenient way. It's no surprise that Web services are being deployed globally, with individual twists to suit regional needs. And as healthcare services move onto the Internet, ensuring the integrity of health information and patient data has become paramount.
'Obviously you don't want someone hacking your heart—that is, getting access to your cardiogram or any of your medical records,' says security consultant Mike Grim, who advises hospitals and clinics on network security. 'Web services are an essential part of modern medicine, and patients are increasingly going to demand such services, but it's absolutely clear that such sensitive information has to be protected. The key is to make the information accessible to those who need it, and protect it from everyone else. Java technology-based smart cards are one way to do this.'"

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